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Betta Fish Not Swimming Factors


Oct 10, 2020

When betta fish not swimming, there are many factors that can be the cause of it. As we know that betta fish is an aggressive fish that signed by its ability to swim freely around the aquarium. Betta fish both male and female like to do some movements aggressively by swimming freely in the aquarium. As the owner of the betta fish, we afraid when our betta fish doesn’t swim because the betta fish often do some aggressive movements. When the betta fish is not swimming, it depends on the factor that can be the cause of this activity.



Betta Fish Not Swimming Because of Constipation

Constipation is such kind of symptom that can happen to the people and also the animals – betta fish care. This kind of symptom is able to kill the betta fish slowly. This minor inconvenience for the betta fish caused by the food that betta fish eat. Most the betta fish gain too rich protein and also lack of fiber in the food that betta fish eat. If it is not treated well, it can cause a blockage in an intestinal tract which can pushes up to against swim bladder. This can make the betta fish not swimming and often float in the surface of the water in the aquarium. It can also make the betta fish lay in the bottom of the aquarium when the betta fish suffers from constipation.

Betta Fish Not Swimming Because of the Water

When we own the betta fish, we have to make sure that the water in the aquarium is appropriate for the betta fish or not. The water is the most important element that can support the betta fish to survive and thrive because this kind of animal lives in the water. The habitat needs to be taken care in order to support the betta fish lives.

As we know that the betta fish is only live well in the warm water, in order to do that, we have to fill the aquarium that betta fish placed with water in the temperature of 75 until 82 degrees of Fahrenheit. It is because this kind of aggressive beautiful colorful fish lives in the tropical climate country. The water that feels too cold can cause the betta fish not swimming but lie on its side and become lethargic.

Poor water quality for the betta fish can cause so many diseases that can make the betta fish not swimming. In order to avoid the poor quality of water that provides in the aquarium, we need to clean the aquarium routine and do not use the soap in order to clean it. We have to maintain the quality of the water by changing 25 percent of water that contain in the aquarium. We can also do many things in order to reduce the factor that can make aquarium dirty easily. This could be better for the living of the betta fish in the aquarium where the betta fish live.