• Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

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FUNGAL INFECTION Betta Fish Disease Information and How to Cure



Betta fungus can be caused by many factors, the most common of which is an unclean habitat. The cotton like white spots in the picture shown above is the fungus growth on fish. Since your bettas have a limited ecosystem (limited tank size), same water, food wastes, fish wastes create problematic fungal diseses in fish. Its very important to keep the tank clean



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So as the water becomes contaminated and saturated with excrement, leftover food, and as the rocks start eroding, as the plants start decaying, and the fish is constant respiring, you need to remain vigilant about your fish’s water quality, otherwise not only will your habitat develop fungus, but your little marine friend will inevitably develop fungus as well!


– Betta has patches of white spots all over his body or head that look
like little patches of cotton.

– He may be less active than usual.

– He may have a decreased appetite for eating.

– His fins may be clumped, and his body color may be pale and less
vibrant than before.


So how can you cure (and prevent) betta fungus?Adding aquarium salt to your fish’s habitat is an extremely effective way to combat betta fungus and to prevent it from occurring again in the future. There are also numerous fungus medications you can get for your fish from the pet store.


Clean the tank, do a full tank/jar water change. Add “Fungus Eliminator” by Jungle (available in pet store). These are crystals and dosage should be about 30-40 grains per 1/2 gal. Water should have a nice gold color, not too dark. Do not overmedicate! fish may have reverse effect and die. Change water every third day and add a new dose of same medication. Continue until all fungus has disappeared. Then switch to BettaZing (8 drops per gallon) to clean any other bacteria/fungus that may still be present. For very stubborn or very fast invasive fungus, use fungus Eliminator AND Bettazing TOGETHER, both at full dosage.